Company Profile

No Cow Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality, handmade frozen goods and food products, base in Oamaru, New Zealand. An innovated company pushing the boundaries in food production with the aim of giving you the best quality and flavour.

Using the highest quality natural ingredients, No Cow Ltd specialises in the  producing of premium quality frozen desserts ‘created and handmade’ in our certified production kitchen. Our staff have over 25 years of experience in ice cream, frozen dessert and food production.

Custom production service;  we can ‘create’ unique desserts and products for you and your clientele. Let us create your next product ‘We can take your ideas and making them reality’. If you would like the freshest New Zealand products made to suit your customers tastes “We are the right choice!”.  Small, Medium and large production runs available.

Certified kitchen for production, manufacturing and wholesale of diary and no diary based products. Certified for the production of alcoholic based products. Staff that insure the highest quality and only New Zealand products are used to manufacture your products where possible.

No Cow Ltd – Manufactures of:

– Sugar, Gluten and dairy free frozen desserts
– Ice Creams
– Adult frozen desserts – 5% Alcohol
Diary based desserts

why should our loved pets miss out?
Ice paws – Frozen desserts for dog “Design for our pets tastes and yes – if you like the taste even you can eat these products. As all our products are processed above human health and safety standards. “Only the best for you and your loved ones”.